Is that a problem using Elasticsearch-dsl-py 7.4 with Elasticsearch version8?

I am using Elasticsearch and Kibana version 7.17.0 and panning to upgrade version 8.y.z.

My application use Elasticsearch and Elasticsearch DSL pyhton client with major version 7.

I know that the latest version of dsl-py is v.7.4.0 and v8 is not coming soon which is discussed in here too.

Now, I have a question that if es-py and dsl-py of major version 7 work fine with Elasticsearch v.8, is that safe keep using them in upgraded Elasticsearch v8?
The specific versions for each client is below.


Hello! Currently there is no version of Elasticsearch-dsl-python which natively supports v8.0 of Elasticsearch. For now you can enable the compatibility mode with the client to receive 7.x compatible responses when using Elasticsearch-dsl-python.


Hi! Thank you for your reply.

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