Is that possible add a common top nav for every app?

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Hi experts:

AFAIK, Like menu 'new', 'share', 'Open' is a top_nav element, is that possible I can add a my_top_nav on top of top_nav element? I try to modify the chrome.jade as bellow. but failed, could you give some help?

  body(kbn-chrome, id='#{appName}-body')
    <my_top_nav here>
    block content

(Spencer Alger) #2

Checkout this post about creating NavbarExtensions in Kibana: Dev on Kibana plugin: navbar icon disappear when switching tabs

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Hi spalger:

I am not mean NavbarExtensions plugin, I wanna create another element, and which position is above the `NavbarExtensions'

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Ah, maybe you're looking for

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