Integrating external topmenu


I'm working to integrate a top menu on kibana view. We have a working integration with kibana 4.5.4 and we are working on kibana 5.6 integration.

The previous integration is and I'd like to do the same thing with 5.6. To do the previous integration we added content in /opt/kibana/optimize/bundles/kibana.bundle.js (content added is

What is the best way to do the same thing with kibana 5.x/6.x ?

Thanks for your help.


If you are just trying to put additional chrome around Kibana then, could you just insert Kibana into the page with an iframe beneath your additional chrome?

Hello Nathan,

Thanks for the quick answer, I will try to find how to do that, I'm not frontend dev, so it could be a long road for me =)

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