Is the basic free elasticsearch allows to send invitations and password reset mails?


I'm working on an elasticsearch platform for my company, and we are still using the free version for now.

Is it possible to send invitations and password resets (i know alerts and generally mail stuff for kibana is behind licences) via mail in the basic elasticsearch stack ?

I only found documentation for workspace and entreprise-search.

Ty in advance for help :slight_smile:

I don't think this feature exists in Elasticsearch even on paid versions.

That is correct, we don't send out either of these via email.

Hi !

thanks for answers.

My confusion was caused by this documentation :

Configure a mail service | Elastic Enterprise Search documentation [8.6] | Elastic

It states : " Configure a mailer to send user invitations and password resets. Refer to the following examples."

Thats why i though it was possible.

That's Enterprise Search, which is a layer on top of Elasticsearch.

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