Question about email notification alert

does elasticsearch SIEM email notification alert is free in the current version of elastic stack 8.4.1 ?? I heard that this tool is gold or somethinglike that i don't know more about it.
or i will use elasticalert?

No. email notification needs a platinum license for on premise. Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic see Alerting

It needs a Gold level for the cloud service. See Elastic Cloud Feature Matrix | Elastic

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The only actions available in the alerts with the Basic license are the log action, which will write a log line in Kibana's log, and the index action, which will write the alert in some index.

To get an e-mail you will need to use a third party tool like elastalert or you can also use the index action and create a simple tool to read from the index and send your e-mails.

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thanks @dadoonet for your response what you mean by the word "license" i'am a new in elasticsearch and i know the word "version" for exp and i installed the elastic stack in ubuntu VM

thanks @leandrojmp for the response how can i do the sencond method ?

You will need to build something, maybe a python script using the elasticsearch python client to query the index and trigger the e-mail.

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A commercial license.

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ok thanks @dadoonet

thanks @leandrojmp

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