Create alert for notification if using free version

Just wondering if we could setup alerts for mail notification if using FREE VERSION please?
When I am trying to setup such alerts under Metrics from Observability, looks like it has been restricted to do such action as below.

Many thanks.

Yes you can, can you expand the Index data action in your image and show what you've got setup in there?


Actually with the Basic / Free version only the following actions are available.

Kibana Actions: Index and Logging

If you want to send email alerts that requires a commercial license.

See License features matrix here

Ahh I missed the mail comment!

As already said, the Free Version only has two alerts actions, Index and Logging.

So, to send emails you would need another tool to look into the logs or the index and trigger the email.

One simple way to do this is using the Index action and create a logstash pipeline with an elasticsearch input that will query that same index and send it using the email output.