How to setup alerting in kibana with data from indexes

Hi all, I need help on how to setup simple/basic alerting in Elastic v7.10 similar to Sentinl available in older versions. Since I'm currently using Elastic v7.10 open source free/basic version so I need to setup alerting with data from different indexes if possible within this basic version itself.

Hi @krishray09 !

Alerting and Actions | Kibana Guide [7.10] | Elastic has the info for kibana alerting on 7.10

It's part of x-pack so you'll need a free basic license to use it.

Hi mats,
Could u share which xpack line is needed and also could u share list of xpack lines which can be used part of free license if possible so that I will make those changes in kibana.yml

It is explained in the link above, please check the documentation.

You need to be using the basic license, the alert features doesn't work if you are using the open source distribution.

Also, the only actions available with the basic license is to log a line in the Kibana Server log or write the alert into an Index.

Hi, perfectly understood, our company using open source edition of Elk so now I got the answer. Thank you both !!!

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