Email and Slack alerts based on logs in Elasticsearch

Hi! I am unable to figure out from the pricing page whether or not alerting from Kibana based on patterns found in Elasticsearch logs is free. I want to create alerts from Kibana to monitor application logs and send alerts to email and Slack channels when matches are found. Can someone please let me know if this functionality is free of cost or needs a subscription. Thank you!

Hi @pks thanks for looking into the new Kbana Alerting framework, and yes it can be a little confusing.

What this means is that all the Alerting Types (Log, Index, Metrics, Uptime etc) are available in Basic and All the Subscription Levels what the Subscriptions Covers are the Connectors you can use to send those alerts to your notification systems.

With Basic - Free and Open you can create all the alerts you want and you will be able to send the actions of those alerts to the Elastic Log or to and Index in Elastic which you can build Dashboards etc.

If you want to send those Alert actions to Email, Slack, Pager Duty etc.. you will need one of the subscriptions. (Gold, Platinum, Enterprise)

I will note there are a few Enterprise only Connectors : Service Now and IBM Resilient

Hopefully that helps.

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@stephenb Ah that makes it clear. Thanks a lot!

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