What can I do with Kibana Alerts with BASIC - FREE AND OPEN 2 subscription?

Hi all,
I am designing a solution for a customer and one of the requirements is to have alerts, but I am no sure how far I can go with the BASIC - FREE AND OPEN 2 subscription.
Does anyone has experience with this? or point me to a place where I can see documentation about it...


Hi, did you have a look at our subscription overview ?

Thanks Maja for your answer, I appreciate it.
The thing is that I am very new to kibana and I don't know how to test whether the alert features from this BASIC - FREE AND OPEN 2 are enough for my customer or I have to go higher to the gold subscription. Going higher will ruin the project as this has been a requirement raised after our proposal was sent, so I cannot really go to GOLD.... I really need to stick to BASIC - FREE AND OPEN 2 and hope to move to gold in next project faces.

The page you shared I had studied previously but I'm still confused because it says you have alerts but I don't know how far I don't know exactly what you can do with those alerts... Do you have a link where I can really see the exact features and functions that I can count with BASIC - FREE AND OPEN 2 .

Thanks a lot for your help again

I don't think that besides this and a guide on alerting we have any other information. But I added the alerting tag to this post, so maybe someone from the alerting team might be able to assist you further.

Thanks for the follow-up!
It is easy to understand alerts and actions but my problem is licensing subscription problem.... I don't know how much I can take for granted meaning that the BASIC - FREE AND OPEN 2 says that it supports alerts... Documentation may also say what is supported and what is not, it would help understand how far you can go with each subscription.

Again thank you very much for your support and quickness

Hi, think of it in two parts: rules and actions. They both come in types and the subscription depends on the type. Fortunately it is quite straightforward:

The majority of rule types are on the free subscription. So for example you can create, manage and use "generic" index threshold rules, ES query rules and Observability rules on the UI or using the public API and you can leverage the full functionality on the free subscription. No limitations to this part, you enjoy the exact same capabilities with paid subscriptions. However, two rule types are not on the free subscription: Geofencing (Maps) and anomaly detection (ML) rules. These are marked on our subscriptions page as such.

Regarding actions: Connectors that send events outside the Elastic stack (webhooks, email, Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, Jira etc.), are on Gold+ subscriptions. In contrast, indexing your alerts in Elasticsearch or showing them as server logs are on the free tier.

So in short and depending on your specifics, if you do not need an integration with a third party system to send your alerts across and if you do not need geofencing or ML anomaly detection alerts, then you can use Kibana alerting in full on the free subscription.


Thanks a lot for your comments Aris, you resolved my doubt :slight_smile:
I just need simple alerts without integration for now. Of course, mail integration would be nice, but I can live without it and wait for the Gold to come to have it.

Our use case is to create an Elastic index with information coming from analyzing text from phone calls, emails, and surveys. We will classify these types of text into categories and also will extract information like names, products, etc. and we will store it the index and we will consume these information from Kibana. I guess this is "Enterprise Search", right??
So I want to create dashboards exploiting this data and also alerts.

Makes sense for you "Enterprise Search"?

Thanks for helping me!!

You are very welcome. Enterprise Search is a complete end-to-end powerful search solution. Because everything depends on the specifics of your project, I would investigate how it plays with your needs and on the alerting side, I would familiarise with the various Kibana alerting rule types and what you can and cannot do with each one of them (this is independent of subscriptions, you probably don't need Gold+ for now). Keep in mind that Kibana alerting is a product that we continuously evolve, so you can expect more features (on the Basic subscription too) in the future.

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Thanks Aris!
I have been thinking and I believe what I need is the Observability module and not the Enterprise search as my need is to monitor information and not search information.

The project consists of: indexing information related to a text such as the topics it talks about, fields that are extracted and sentiment, to then exploit those values from Dashboards and generate certain alerts, for example:

  1. A text arrives for example: "The conditions of the XXX fund are phenomenal but the attention received at the YYY office was not to my liking."
  2. Our NLU technology analyzes and extracts from this text: "Fund XXX", "Office YYY", "Office.Sentiment.Negative" and "Fondo.Sentimient.Positive"
  3. Then we store all this information and thousands of other texts in the index.
  4. Kibana is used to view this information with Dashboards
  5. Past alerts are created in the information that is extracted, for example: Alert me when there is any negative feeling in the YYY, RRR and TTT offices.

What do I really need?
Observability + kibana or Elastic Index + Kibana? or any other combination???

I am lost here....


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