Is the ELASTIC_APM_SERVICE_VERSION displayed somewhere in Kibana?

Hi there,
I am moving some Java services to Openshift and I have already connected them to the APM with the agent. One of the properties that I'm passing is the ELASTIC_APM_SERVICE_VERSION variable (via -Delastic.apm.service_version in fact) but I can't find where I can check this information in Kibana.

I was able to set the node name, service name etc. but I can't see the version anywhere. Is it displayed anywhere?


PD: Kibana version v 7.16.1
Elastic APM Server: 7.16.1
Elastic APM Agent: 1.29.0
Java 17

For a transaction you should be able to find it under the metadata tab.

Doh, as it was a JVM setting I thought it would be at the JVM/node level :slight_smile: . That would have been nice to see quickly the version that is deployed.

I'll check if I can find it there,