Is the q parameter available for search with App Search API

I have a high volume set of documents where I need to export the results into a data set in batches of 3 to 4000 documents. I'm using the App Search API with the Reactjs SearchUI for the front end, and our users will need to export the results to CSV file. Before the data is delivered, a back end process has to complete a scrubbing process, so my thought was to take the search uri from the front end with q parameter, pass it to a cloud function and the back end process can fetch data set, prune and scrub before writing the CSV file.

I see that Lucene search is available on the App Search API, but is the q parameter available? Currently I can hit the App Search Index from the Dev Console, and thought perhaps it was possible to use, but see no confirming documentation.

Thanks in advance. If there is a different approach to achieve what I detailed above I'd appreciate that perspective as well.

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