Is the Version 6.3 yet available?

I've read this morning that the new version was coming out, I was wondering if the version 6.3.0 of the elastic suite is out ? => we can download 6.2.2 only


The latest available version is indeed 6.2.2. Version 6.3 of the stack has not yet been released.

All the documents are being updated. It seems the 6.3 is rolling out.

Since I am now installing the ELK stack on my platform, I am still struggling to wait for 6.3 or not.

New and updated releases are frequent and a release date for a new version should not be a blocker for you to start working with the Stack.

I strongly recommend that you start using 6.2.2 right away and get used to the rolling upgrade procedure.

In 6.3, the x-pack basic features became build-in and no need to install x-pack or x-pack basic license. The main reason is I need the export csv feature in KB.

so the overall installation of ES, LS and KB are easier...

My installation deadline is 16th March.. if the 6.3 will be launched next week, then I better to wait.

You can still install x-pack and get a basic license.

Just saying that you really dont need to wait :slight_smile:

Reviving this thread.
Any ETA on 6.3 release? I can stop googling for it until then. :grinning:

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No it's not.
Source of truth is:

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