Is there a Beat that reads from DynamoDB?

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I am currently using logstash plugin to sync data from AWS dynamodb, is it possible to use one of the beats products to accomplish the same thing?

(Andrew Kroh) #2

To what blog post are you referring?

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(Andrew Kroh) #4

None of the Elastic Beats or any of the community beats on our list read from DynamoDB.

(J) #5

I know. I was wondering if its possible or something someone might be interested in making.

(ruflin) #6

That sounds a lot like a Logstash task as it does not have to run on the edge node. Are there any issues with using LS for this usecase or why would you prefer a beat?

(J) #7

The logstash plugin stopped development a long time ago, I was looking for alternatives.

Logstash already runs on a machine, so running a beat on the same machine wouldn't be an issue.

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