Is there a goroutine leak in libbeat?

I'm doing a pressure test for our beats like filebeat use libbeat package,But I found*TimeoutReader).Next.func1 is continuous growing。

The presure test condition is described as follows:

  1. i generate 100 file concurrently
  2. and generate log line without sleep for about five seconds
  3. limit the container with 0.2 cpus, 512Mi.

this is memory and cpu utilization:

and this is the goroutine compares, and the duration is about 30minutes.

and the version of libbeat is v7.6.2

anyone could help me? thanks


It seems that the memory is constantly going up, which could be a bad indicator indeed.
From what I understand from your test there are logs coming only for the first 5 seconds and then nothing? Or you are constantly adding batches of 100 files with a specific rate?

cc: @kvch

Thanks for your reply!
This is my pressure test procedure.
First, i create 100 files, and then add about 5000 lines to each file in 5 seconds。

Hi @erenming!

I suggest you opening a Github issue to report this observation since it sounds valid enough. Could you please open a Github issue in order to keep track of this please? Provide all the information you posted here as well as possible steps to reproduce.


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