Is there a predefined dashboard for http module

Are they a predefined dashboard in http module?
My goal: analyze the metrics of a spring app, using http module to ship the metrics and visualize them using kibana!!
if there is not a prepared dashboard what is the best way to get visualisation of the metrics (CPU, memory, threads......), honestly I would like to get similar dashboard as the system module

Hi @IBenabd and welcome :slight_smile:

Metricbeat http module is intended to be used to collect arbitrary JSON data from HTTP endpoints and therefore is not possible to provide prebuilt dashboards, they would depend on the information you are collecting.

If you are interested in HTTP endpoints performance and availability you may want to take a look to Heartbeat, that is though exactly for that.

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thank you for your reply, honestly, I'm not interested with HTTP endpoints performance and availability,all I need is to analyze the HTTP endpoints( metrics, health,logger..) issued from a spring-boot app for each 30 seconds in order to build a dashboard ,I used httpbeat and it helps e to achieve my goal , but what I would like exactly is to get predefined dashboard in kibana using the bumped metrics (heap,CPU,memory .........)


If springboot endpoints have a predefined set of metrics maybe we could create a new metricbeat module that could include dashboards. If that's the case, could you create a new issue requesting this new module?



can you help me to solve this ?

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