Is there a REST API for Kibana?

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Is there any plan to implement a REST API for configuring Kibana? Or does a REST API currently exist?

We find Kibana useful, but we don't use it that much due to the upkeep effort of click-based configuration. Ideally we could configure dashboards and graphs through a REST API, such as the (slightly hokey) example below.

POST /kibana/dashboard/my_new_dashboard

POST /kibana/dashboard/my_new_dashboard/my_graph

  "type": "histogram",
  "x": { 
  "y": {

POST /kibana/layout/my_new_dashboard

This would help us dynamically generate graphs, keep our configuration in source-control, and support our different ElasticCloud clusters (dev / pre / prod). I'm aware that the .kibana index can be copied between servers, but unfortunately this stop-gap isn't that helpful to us.


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There's a newer API that was added in 5.5 for doing this. It isn't in the docs yet, but I expect it will be closer to the release of 6.0. The pull request is probably the best source of information on it currently:

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