Is there a variable holding the time period which I can use in my formulas


I use Time Series Visual Builder and make a nice graph calculation throughput.
It works fine when I use 1s resolution and 15 minutes time span.

When I change time span to lets say 6 hours kibana complains that there are to many buckets.
The counters I use are stored in ES once per second.
To make the graph smooth I would like to calculate the average over a couple of samples.
(Average method does not work, I need to use sum)
I would like to divide the sum of my counters with the time interval used when I set interval to "auto".
Is there a variable I can use calculation aggregation?
e.g params.value/time_interval

I can hardcode interval to 10s and the divide my formula with 10.
That works for short time periods.

but that does not work when I change time span. I think I need a variable to solve this.
Is there a variable keeping track of time interval?

Something like this:

Here is an exampe:
First I have Interval set to auto and I show last 15 minutes. Then the sum of all samples are 10 times to high.
Seems like interval is set to 10 secs in this case

When I show last hour I get the following result:
30 times higher than correct value.

Then I specify Interval = 1s. This gives correct result:

So in the first case the variable I am searching for should have the value 10 and in the second case it should be 30.
Then I could always calculate the correct value in the formula.
Br Mathias

Hmm, I can't think of any way to accomplish this currently. Sorry!

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