Is there a Vega equivalent to the C #include directive


Couldn't find any reference to an existing way to include code from a file in a Kibana Vega visualisation, like the #include directive in C.

I have several Vega visualisations for which part of the code is the same but evolves frequently. So I have to modify each visualisation each time there's a change.

The idea would be to have this part in a text file that would be "included" in the Kibana Vega code and just modify the code in the text file instead of each visualisation.
If there's another way to do it, I'd be happy to know.


To my knowledge, no.

A good place to ask this or recommend a feature request would be on the Vega GitHub page.

Thanks, I'll try that.

Tried it.
Apparently it's considered to be a Kibana issue...

Will try on the Kibana GitHub page.

Vega doesn't offer the functionality you are asking for and Kibana hasn't added to Vega to do this.

You could open a Kibana issue (feature request) also but I think it's more likely we wouldn't add it unless Vega does.

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