Is there a way to change the displayed timezone for one query / dashboard with Timelion

(Manuel Bernhardt) #1

I'm in a situation where the data I look at comes from various geographic locations, at it makes sense to plot the graph in local times (the data relates to room temperature, so it is useful to see events as they happen on a normal day, in the local time of the house / room).

I know it is possible to change the timezone globally for Kibana. What I am wondering is whether there's a way to influence which time range is shown via Timelion? I am creating dashboards from the Timelion queries and would like to be able to set them at different time zones. I've noticed that there's a timezone parameter in the query string (e.g. _g=(time:(from:..., to: ..., timezone: ...)) ) but I don't think this affects how the horizontal axis is shown.


(Mark Walkom) #2

There is the offset function that might do what you want.

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