Is there a way to customise the order of the x axis values in visualisations

The order of the x-axis seems to not match my requirement. Is there a way I can customise it to the order I need. I basically want the values to be sorted and the value 'imix' to be at the end.

Hi @casreenath

Looks like you currently have it sorting by the Y value?

If you can't get the correct order through some sort of aggregation, then you can use a "Filter Aggregation" to get the X-Axis into the exact order that you want. It's much more configuration, and you have to know all of the X-Axis value that you want, but it does give you that control you are looking for. Here's an example of what setting up the Filter Aggregation might look like

Thanks that did work, only issue being it has to be manually adjusted for any new value. If there is a solution that can accommodate any new values also automatically that would be great.
Thanks for your help

@casreenath Yep that is the issue with doing it this way is that you must specify all the values. I don't know of a way to apply a custom sort for an unknown set of values.

Thanks for you help @corey.robertson. I will fix them with filters for the time being.

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