How to make Visualization x axis terms in certain order


I'm trying to build a visualization with some text type terms as x-axis.
Is there a way to put these text value in a given order instead of by alphabetical?

For example I'd like to have the response time as Y-axis, and for X-axis should be the order of login-create-edit-send... etc.


Hey @grace_Li!

One way to do this is to use a Filter within the Axis. This can work well if you have a small subset of pages and they don't change.

here, I'm using bytes SUM, but have added filters to specify what I want to see. you can then order them accordingly as well.

Another option could be to use Runtime Fields that look at the data in your URL field, and depending on the page (login, create, edit, etc) you can add a sorting field in which the values start with a number (1 - Login, 2 - Create, 3 - Edit, etc) so that if you use that sorting field and sort alphabetically, then you will end up with the specific data values you want.

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Hi @eMitch ,

Thanks for the reply. This is really helpful for my case!

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