Is there a way to get less used/searched logs in Elasticsearch

Hi Team,

We are looking to list out less usage logs in Elasticsearch.
For example: we have logs getting ingested from many setups. We wanted to query/ or list out less used logs from setups basis.

How can we get the details of it?

Please can someone help us here

By less used do you mean those with the smallest number of entries?

No @warkolm

We are having setups example: setup1 & setup2. From these setups we are getting huge logs. These logs are parsed and extracted wrt logstash.
And we are having a field called cluster_id ( all logs will be having cluster_id field)

Out of each setup there are 50-60 cluster_id logs are getting ingested.
Here we need to get the list of cluster_id logs which user's are not at all searching??

Elasticsearch has no way of natively showing what logs are and are not being searched sorry, it's not monitoring data that is tracked.

If the logs are in the same index/set of indices there are no stats available that tracks how users are filtering queries/dashboards.

@warkolm does the audit logs helps us ? Any other way to get the details of less queried logs in Elasticsearch?

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