Is there a way to get rid of kibana css animations?

As much as I love the Elastic stack, Kibana is becoming more and more bloated. I just posted this:

Anyone know of a way (or a hack) to get rid of these mini-animations that are probably made with the best intentions but end up just being annoying?

Hi @trondhindenes,

You could try to inject custom css into a web page to disable this behaviour you don't like. Afaik there are bunch of chrome extension which allow this. I guess there are also solutions for other browsers.

in this case try to target:

.euiToolTip {
 opacity: 1;
 animation: none;

Hope this is helpful

thanks Anton,
From your answer I'm assuming there's no way to do this server-side so that it will affect all users?

@trondhindenes, turns out the is an option in Kibana settings to turn it off!
Please see:

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