Is there an elasticsearch-oss (RPM) package?

Thank you both Christian and Tim,

Do you know if there is any plan to include the oss packages in your package repositories? (or provide an alternative repository).

Tim. I understand it looks pretty drastic. I have already disabled xpack security in my Elasticsearch config. I posted another separate question here about the same issue (Unusual auth error after moving to Elastic stack v6.4.2) in the Kibana topic. I'm wondering if maybe the -oss version of Kibana somehow also prevents Searchguard from working. I have posted a question on the Searchguard mailing list to see if they've seen anything like it. Everything was working perfectly with v6.2.4 prior to x-pack being included in the base packages. Or maybe this issue is purely down to a configuration issue on my side.

Good to see that I can get the -oss release of Elasticsearch. I plan to run with that package because in my company we are providing our customers with ES and don't want any possibility of running foul of your licensing.

Thanks for your time.