Is there any difference in performance between setting relevance tunning and result settings in backend or via API?

I have a search query where I want to specify which fields to show, which fields to search on, the wheights, boosts, etc.

I am aware that I can set all of those parameters in the AppSearch backend. However, I preffer the alternative to set them in the API request, since it gives me more flexibility to configure them depending on different situations, and those settings won't disappear if delete my appsearch/elasticsearch container.

My question is if is there any difference in performance when setting this configuration in the backend or in the API search itself, assuming I'm using the same parameters in both ways.

Maybe the backend settings create additional indexer or other elasticsearch stuff and gets optimized for that kind of query.

Thank you!

Hey @gpribi,

I believe there should be no perceivable difference. There is no difference on the back end to my knowledge.


True, I compared both ways with no noticeable differences

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