Is there any introduction about the action in _cat/tasks api

Is there any introduction about all list of the action of _cat/tasks?

It's a beta feature and probably that's the reason the actions are documented yet probably.

I haven't used it but you can try if this works in your setup:

(Optional, string) Comma-separated list or wildcard expression of actions used to limit the request.

Omit this parameter to return all actions.

Now I don't want to use this field to filter the returns.
I meant is there any where to list all the actions, I want to know what is the task doing by see the task's action.

you can use the task management api for that right ?

GET /_tasks

GET /_tasks/<task_id>

GET /_tasks/<task_id> seems ok for every task.
Actually ,every task run for a moment, there's no time to execute this at time.
GET /_tasks is too complex to read.

I need the value range for the action field, and all the introduction for every value.
Maybe we can get a list from where.

If we know it, we can watch the actions of _cat/tasks for a while to know the cluster is doing what at these times.

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