Is there any Latency module/merticset available across beats family


I would like to know if there is any Latency module/metricset available across beats family to pull latency data from the different OS platforms?

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If you're asking about latency between hosts, I'd suggest looking at heartbeat. You can leverage the icmp or tcp modules to get latency.

If you're not talking about this type of latency can you please clarify what type of latency you're looking for?

I'm looking for module that can check and collect data for (disk, I/O) latency on the client machines.

Ah, this module in metricbeat will probably help:

Do we have something like this for AIX and ESXi?

I don't believe AIX is officially supported, but you can look at:

There is a Vsphere module for metricbeat, but it doesn't provide I/O info, you'd probably need to run metricbeat on the individual VM to the I/O information.

What's the point of enabling Vsphere module if I'd have to run metricbeat on the individual VM for system and I/O information?

I don't have an answer, but I'd assume Vshpere is unable to expose these metrics.

I hope someone from the elastic team can answer/suggest a better approach to collect disk I/O metrics from AIX and ESXi OS..

Afaik there is no easy way to monitor ESXi datastore io with Elastic provided modules. Also monitoring ESXi datastore diskio is not easy and if misconfigured even possibly problematic. I'm using Nagios for that with*-Virtual-Environments/VMWare/box293_check_vmware/details

You could try use Logstash Nagios input, see

There are multiple caveats though, you should have a good read through the docs if you'd want to try this and start small...

I'm already using Vsphere metricbeat to collect metrics from ESXi, but was wondering any solution to monitor disk I/O and network related metrics by using metricbeat modules.
For above solution, I will need to configure Nagios at ESXi and send output to Logstash. Is there any way as I'd like to keep everything in consistent.

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