Is there any way to adjust the edge weights in Graph by myself?

I would like to use the Graph feature of Elasticsearch right now.
Is there any way to adjust the edge weights in Graph by myself?
I want to increase the weights on certain nodes.

Not currently unless you want to create an appropriate number of "filler" documents to reinforce the doc-count relationship between certain nodes.

There's a potentially long list of UI features that people might want to add to base graph visualisations e.g.

  • Labels on edges
  • Marker badges on nodes
  • Pie-charts for nodes showing inbound vs outbound traffic
  • Mug-shots on nodes
  • Direction arrows for edges
  • Edge bundling
  • Detail-on-zoom
  • Time sliders

etc etc.
We are considering which of these might be common enough to be made configurable. For extensive customisation of UI elements this would best be handled through custom code rather than configuration which is where I would recommend using a dedicated graph visualization toolkit like Keylines for a bespoke development. Elasticsearch's adjacency-matrix aggregation can be used to supply all sorts of additional details about the connections between nodes e.g. sums of financial exchanges, per day between nodes. A combination of a custom UI and this additional data could change edge thickness as you move a time slider etc.

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