Is there any way to create an additional field without using Scripted field and Logstash?



I am using ELK GA 6.3.0. In my index, there is a number attribute, currently taking as string. To perform aggregations, I have created a number scripted field like;

return doc['field_a'].value;

This works fine, but utilizes CPU. Is there any way to achieve the same, more efficiently, and without using Logstash?


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Yes, you can reindex your data and add a new field with correct mapping using the reindex API together with a script or ingest pipeline. To add this on the ingest side for new data, create an ingest pipeline for this as well.


Thank you @Christian_Dahlqvist . Could you kindly show me some code to create a pipeline which convert string data in field_a to a number, and store it in field_b in the index my_index-*?


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Try a pipeline with e.g. a grok processor:

  "processors" : [
      "grok": {
        "field": "field_a",
        "patterns": ["%{NUMBER:field_b:int}"]


Thanks Christian :slightly_smiling_face:

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