Is there any way to jump to the linked url when the data is clicked in vega-lite?

Hi, I want to do

I wrote my vega code as follows.
However, I can not jump to the linked URL when I clicked the scatter plot.

I would appreciate it if you could give me a hint to solve this.

      title: "Scatter Plot Graph"
      mark: point
      data: {
        url: {
          %context%: true
index: zoom_chat_test
          body: {
            size: 100
            _source: [ "x", "y","name","comment","url"]
format: {property: "hits.hits"}
      encoding: {
x: {field: "_source.x", type: "quantitative",
"axis": {
        "title": "x-axis title"
y: {field: "_source.y", type: "quantitative",
"axis": {
        "title": "y-axis title"
    "href": {"field": "_source['url']", "type": "nominal"}

Hi and welcome to our community!

seems your code is missing the transform part to make it functional:

"transform": [{
    "calculate": "'' + datum.Name", "as": "url"


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Hi Matthias,
Thank you for your reply.

I could open the URL by clicking the point of scatter plot by applying your suggested solution as well as adding "vega.enableExternalUrls: true" setting to kibana.yml file.

Thank you!

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