Is there any way to "pull" logs into logstash, rather than "pushing" them from Filebeat?

I've been tasked with implementing an Elastic stack cluster to deal with monitoring for some server logs - Some of the servers we need to monitor are based on an external network.

Due to our security policy, I can't make logstash internet-facing, even with encryption enabled. Due to our network topology, our machines can see the external network, but nothing on this network can see our network.

Is there any way I can "pull" the files from this external network? Or is this not supported by logstash?

Thanks in advance,


I am looking for a way to do this as well. For similar reasons.
The closest I have is to rsync logs and then upload them from another network.
Seems suboptimal and fragile. Any other suggestions would be amazing


I worked around this by creating a VPN link, that was fairly straightforward to accomplish.

Thanks for the reply. So little information about this topic.
Had a idea of doing temporary reverse tunnels with file beat configured to drop files on local host.
A more stable vpn may be a better option.


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