Is there something wrong with the kibana time?

(antony) #1

I used logstash to collect the netflow and them import it into kibana,The index is as follows:

But i have found something wired,In kibana i created a table to analyze the src ip address and order by the total bytes.
We can compare these two screenshots , the only difference between them is the index is different.
My expectation is these two result should be the same.Because the time is the same.But Why they are different ? And i think the first one is the correct one since all the data today should be stored in the index netflow-2017.12.16.
And how can i fix the issue , because it's impossible for me to create so many indexes every day

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Indices created by Logstash using timestamp are split based on the event timestamp, which is in UTC timezone. Kibana adjust your view based on the local timezone, so unless you are physically located in UTC timezone your definition of 'today' may cover events in more than one daily index. The results from the second pattern is therefore the correct one.

(antony) #3

Thank you so much, but now i am int UTC+8,is there anyway that i can change the setting of timezone ?

(Christian Dahlqvist) #4

Where do you want to change the time zone? Time stamps in Elasticsearch are always in UTC so trying to change that would mean st likely result in a lot of issues across the stack.

(antony) #5

This is noted,thanks~

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