Is this a bug?

Not sure if this is a bug: I visited /_cat/recovery?v&active_only=true in my cluster and saw one row was misaligned, and found that the source_node for one of my indices started with a whitespace character (e.g. [whitespace]avHAygv) while all others were just the normal 7 random characters.

Note: Not sure why, but the forum looks like it removed the whitespace character from the e.g. I gave, so I added text to show it.

I thought maybe there is a bug in the code that is outputting it incorrectly.

Also, I noticed that when that index is listed several times, that the whitespace is consistently prepended to the source_node value, while the others are not. This leads me to believe that it is actually part of the value of the id that Elasticsearch assigned to the node.

Also also, from looking at the rest of the output, I am thinking there are a lot more spacing/alignment issues with this API endpoint. The other endpoints work well for me, but this one in particular is very misaligned.

Can you post the actual output from these API calls?

Use the code formatting button, or markdown style backticks.

Unfortunately, all of the nodes have recovered already so the current output for me is blank. I can post a screenshot I took, though. Is that okay?


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