Is xpack part of the ELK stack

We have begun exploring ELK as means to provide a method for operators to analyze logs. We are required to provide a user access control function and as I understand xpack is the way accomplish it. After installing the ELK stack as a Docker container I cannot find any evidence xpack is part of the stack.

Is xpack part of the ELK Docker container?
If not how can I get and it would be installed in the Container or on the Host?



X-Pack is indeed part of the Elastic Stack :slight_smile:

Where did you get the docker containers from?

I believe we pulled it from Elastic. How can I confirm that?

Carl Henry
Enterprise Operations Center

Check the URL you used to get the image or use docker images.

The repo is sebp/elk

You'd have to ask the author then.

You can also use our officially maintained containers here -, which come with X-Pack.

Since you cleared this up we downloaded the ELKX container.

Thanks for you help Mark

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