Isolation of specific Synthetics monitors

Is it possible to hide specific Synthetics Monitors from appearing? For example, I have one Kibana Namspace where two HTTP type monitors-1 and HTTP type monitor-2 are available. At the same time I have User-1 and User-2. While we can restrict access to monitoring data by permissions, can we restrict also appearance for these monitors?
What I am seeking to find is, when I log into Kibana as User-1 => I am able to see only HTTP type monitor-1. Right now when I log into Kibana as User-1, I am able to see also HTTP type monitor-2 (appears as inactive because User-1 has no permission to read data from it, but monitor itself is there). Basically, the idea is to see only specific monitor appearance for specific user within that Kibana space.

Hi @s.buksa,

Synthetics Monitors are implemented on top of Kibana Saved Objects, so it could be possible to restrict access to those but it's not a setup we recommend or support.

Our recommendation to achieve isolation at monitor level is assigning those monitors to different Kibana Spaces.

Hope that helps!