Unable to edit synthetic monitors because of limited privilege


I would like to figure out which privilege is necessary to fully access the monitor management in Uptime. We grant the following privilege according to Elastic doc:

Our user is able to create and delete monitors but unable to edit the monitor, below is the error message:

Thanks in advance

Hi @shinki927, just a heads up that I've changed your topic to Uptime to better fit your question.

Hi @shinki927,

Thanks for letting us know about this problem, we'll try to help you through.

We've found that documentation is not up to date, synthetics-*: read and Kibana privileges are also required, but that shouldn't be the problem in this case.
The list of privileges we provided are required for administrators to enable Monitor Management cluster-wide, it's not the list of permissions for users to use Uptime App.

Could you give us more detail on where the error is happening? Knowing these things will help:

  • Kibana version you're on,
  • Cloud or on-prem instance,
  • Role privileges that are given to the user (might help replicate),
  • What type of monitors fail (http, browser, etc.)
  • What type of locations are those monitors run on, cloud or private locations?
  • Would you have access to Kibana logs to see the error on the server side?

Please remember to remove any sensitive information before sharing it in this thread.

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