Monitors failed to sync with the Synthetics service

I know this feature is in beta but I wanted to ask if anyone has received an error similar to the one in the image and if you know what it could be due to.
I am using the synthetic monitors feature from the kibana UI in elastic cloud and I have 2 monitors running for the same url(one http and one browser).

thanks and best regards.

Hi, sorry to hear you're having problems.

Is this happening all the time, or did it happen for a specific period?

until yesterday I had not received this error, but since yesterday it appears all the time.

I should have asked before, what version of the Elastic stack are you using (e.g. 8.6.2)?

sorry for not including it in the post, the version of elastic I use is 8.6.0

HI @irivas95,

We have rolled out a fix that should mitigate the above errors.


Hi @vigneshshanmugam,

Thank you for your reply.

So it is a version error that will be fixed in the next releases or it could be an error caused by a bug in the application to which I am launching the synthetics?

The nature of the error and what you tell me makes me think that it is an elasticsearch error but I want to make sure that it is not an error that could be caused by me.


Hi @irivas95 ,

It was a bug in our service and we have deployed a fix for the same. You do not need to wait for any new releases, The errors you see on the Kibana should go away. Let us know if you are experiencing any other issues.


thank you very much for clarifying my doubts.
Best regards

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