Why the kibana action so slow?

version 8.11.3
such as the Synthetics func ,it take a few minutes to action when i change the switch

Another strange phenomenon is that the same monitor will always be automatically created repeatedly

anybody helps? it create la lot of monitor automatically when i create the first one

Hi @jevonsnotes,

Sorry to hear you're having issues with Synthetics.

Is this a self-managed deployment? What version of the Elastic Agent is running behind the private location?
Does the same happen with any monitor type or does it only happen with TCP ones?

1、yes , version elastic-agent-8.11.3-linux-x86_64.tar
2、I haven't tried anything else yet

@jevonsnotes can you help us understand this issue better so that we can reproduce it on our and see what's wrong in there.

  1. The duplicate monitors are only created when you try to enable/disable a monitor, or they keep being created in the background?

  2. Can you try creating another monitor and see if it happens to other monitors too?

  3. See if you can disable the monitor form the Edit monitor page?

1.no ,the duplicate monitors are only created after when i create the first one.and keep being created in the bg still the number reach 3~12 or maybe more.
2、it is same at http monitors
3、yes i can , but it doesn't works to other duplicate monitors, i can only disable those one by one. and it action very slow

Can it be the impact of the internal network environment?

Hi @jevonsnotes, apologies for the late reply.

I've checked on my end and yes it is most likely a network delay or latency issue. The requests sent to create the monitor are somehow sent multiple of times. I was able to simulate the issue with some configuration.

This however never been reported before so I guess it is due to some specific setup or configuration you might have. Nonetheless, I've created on issue to handle such cases in future.

But it'd help us a lot to cover edge cases in the fix if you can figure what component is sending these multiple requests and write us back.

sorry about that ,I can't figure out what component is sending.i can only know where the problem occur is the synthetics

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