Synthetics - White Boxs


I was just wondering if this is expected behavior?

I created monitors but they all look to be pending, therefore leading to white overview. Strangely, I click on the monitor and it shows "Up".

Self Managed
Kibana/Elasticsearch version: 8.12.2
Synthetics version: 1.2.1

Hi @erikg,

Are you using a private location or the global Elastic testing infrastructure to run the monitors? Are you using traffic filters at all?

Hello @carly.richmond
We are using private location to run the monitors.
I don't believe Traffic Filters are offerings for self hosted

Turns out the issue is the API Key was deleted and the fix is I need to regenerate the key,

I attempted to regenerate the API Key using Monitor Management and I get this
I can't seem to regenerate as Monitor Management is disabled

@erikg it looks like you might be trying to do this from the Uptime application. There's a separate Synthetics application you should be trying to navigate to. If you are an admin, and the API key is absent from your stack, the Kibana server will try to automatically restore the key on your behalf when you load the overview page of the Synthetics application.

Hey @jkambic,
your right about going to the wrong app, I have gone to the overview of Synthetics and nothing happens.

Still getting white boxes.
I am not sure how to regenerate it, seems like Kibana server is not automatically restoring the the key.

When you navigate to stack management and look at the list of API keys in your cluster, you don't see an entry like the one below?


I also ran GET _security/api_key?name=synthetics-api-key

It looks like it got deleted but can't seem to be able to regenerate it

Your cluster is self-managed, are you able to check your Kibana logs for the time when you load the Synthetics app as an admin user? I am curious to see if there is any error logged when it tries to create the API key.

It's also strange to see that there are so many API keys related to the internal alerts for Synthetics, as there is typically only one. Nvm this last bit there's a key per space.

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