Issue in exporting dashboard with its related visualizations

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Matt Bargar
The dashboard saved object document contains the IDs of all its linked visualizations. You can't do joins in ES so there's no way to grab everything in a single query, but you could easily write a script that retrieves everything for you directly from ES.

Hi Matt Bargar,
you have suggested the above thing earlier i need in detail
please suggest the script how to grab the dashboard with its related visualizations i mean how can i export the dashboard with its related visualizations
so that if i try to import on other elk instance my dashboard should be ready with its related visualizations and it should wait for the data to be indexed

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can anyone help on the above issue?

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There is a new Kibana API available that I think does what you are looking for. It does not seem to be very well documented yet, but there are a few examples in the issue I linked to that show how to use it.

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