Issue running App Search

I can run App Search with success in port 80. However when configured another port in parameter "app_search.listen_port" I receive an connection error in browser.
It does not look as a "network/firewall" issue because App server console show "http get" message. Should the redirect URL to "/login" to produce the problem ?

app-server.1 | [2019-09-04T15:53:10.561+00:00][29448][2368][rails][INFO]: [b3a9c185-dd2c-446c-9357-97f40c82b160] Started GET "/" for yyy.yy.yyy.yyy at 2019-09-04 15:53:10 +0000
app-server.1 | [2019-09-04T15:53:10.584+00:00][29448][2368][action_controller][INFO]: [b3a9c185-dd2c-446c-9357-97f40c82b160] Processing by LocoTogo::HomeController#index as HTML
app-server.1 | [2019-09-04T15:53:10.586+00:00][29448][2368][action_controller][INFO]: [b3a9c185-dd2c-446c-9357-97f40c82b160] Parameters: {"host"=>"hostname", "protocol"=>"http"}
app-server.1 | [2019-09-04T15:53:10.643+00:00][29448][2368][action_controller][INFO]: [b3a9c185-dd2c-446c-9357-97f40c82b160] Redirected to http://hostname/login

From the logs it seems like it still runs on port 80, otherwise I would expect to see

Redirected to http://hostname:1234/login

Did you remember to restart the app server after you changed the config?

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