Search UI issues with firewall

I am using App Search instance and a user interface based on elastic SearchUi example. I am reverse proxying the nodeja app with Apache. I am using SSL all the way thru to App Search. Everything works fine inside my institute firewall. But from outside the firewall I cannot get this to work. In both case I am using the same URL to access the service.
Different browsers report the failure in different ways. However, digging a bit deeper with developer tools the culprit seems to be search.json. In Chrome the error message is "Failed to fetch". The status is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.
On Firefox, it says "the connection used to fetch this resource" (search.json) is not secure which is confusing everything except elasticsearch itself is running with https.
Any ideas? I am really stumped with this. Thanx!

OK, I've figured what my problem is... It's the URL to App Search which is not available outside the firewall. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

I've solved this by using the same URL for the searches as the UI and letting the reverse proxy handle the two different paths (one to the UI, the other to App Search)

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