Issue running Kibana behind a Zuul proxy with basic security enabled

We are running Kibana 7.6.2 behind a Zuul proxy which was put in place when running 6.2 in order to provide secure access. We now wish to make use of the basic security features available in the Elastic stack, but preferably without removing the proxy since we need to keep effort to a minimum.

When I enable security and attempt to login using the elastic user however, Kibana constantly redirects back to the login page. I have tried a variety of combinations of server.basePath, server.rewriteBasePath and Zuul route settings, but none have worked so far.

My config as it currently stands:


server.basePath: "/home"
server.rewriteBasePath: true


      path: /home/**
      stripPrefix: false
      url: http://localhost:5601

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:



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