Kibana not loading from server(without internet access)


I have installed Kibana in one of our test env server and have our web server(does not have internet connectivity) point to it (for exposing Kibana via https) .

But the css and js are not loading(seeing 404 in httpd logs) via web server. Is there any work around for it. It works well when directly accessing from the server in which it is installed.


It sounds like there may be something misconfigured in your reverse proxy. Running Kibana behind a reverse proxy is a supported (and recommended) workflow, so the static files should definitely appear.

Is your reverse proxy using a base path?


I just have the following entry in my httpd conf file

ProxyPass /kibana http://:/app/kibana

Is there anything more I need to do?


ProxyPass /kibana http://XXXX:5601/app/kibana

You'll need to uncomment and set the server.basePath configuration in your config/kibana.yml. Also, you should probably point directly to http://XXXXL:5601 rather than to /app/kibana otherwise you'll need to be setting up custom proxies for every possible url combination in Kibana, which may even change from version to version.


I am also trying to expose kibana via Zuul.

Is this the right config in Zuul
path: /kibana/**
url: http://localhost:5601/

Do I need to make any change in server.basePath in kibana?

The above setting is not working currently.