Issue while running FSCrawler on WSL

I installed JAVA 11, Elastic Search 7, and Fscrawler2.8 on WSL on my Windows machine. Elastic search has no issue starting, and I already configured JAVA_HOME in .bashrc

export JAVA_HOME="/usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64"

but when I try to start fscrawler, cd into the fscrawler directory, run bin/fscrawler

It keeps giving me the error
"Error: Could not find or load main class search Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: search"

What do I need to do to make it work? Thank you very much!


How did you install FSCrawler?

Hello David, this is how I installed Fscrawler:
cd fscrawler-es7-2.8
bin/fscrawler --config_dir ./test reports

That's a too old version. Please use the latest 2.10-SNAPSHOT which is much more stable although the name...

Thanks! I replaced it with 2.10 and it gave me the same error:

What else should I try to make it start...I'm stuck with this issue for days...

Could you move fscrawler to a dir where there's no space in its path?

Now it's working, thank you so much!

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