Issue with restoring S3 snapshots - 403 InvalidObjectState

We are taking snapshots on a Hitach S3 compatible Storage system - lately we are receiving multple errors for missing snapshots the root cause being: The operation is not valid for the current state of the object. (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error
Code: InvalidObjectState; Request ID: 1652336376002; S3 Extended Request ID: ZmFsYWgtaGNwLmV0aXNhbGF0LmNvcnAuYWU6MTEy)

What does InvalidObjectState mean? and how can we fix it?
We had reached 100% storage capacity and snapshots had failed - since then we deleted multiple snapshots but still are getting issues. In addition even though the snapshots were deleted and we did a muanual cleanup of the repository the storage was not freed

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