Issue with Scripted fields


I have an issue with scripted fields. I am trying to add a scripted field to calculate total bytes for some data stored in elasticsearch documents.

I have an index with 2 sample records. The index contains the following: tx_total_bytes & also rx_total_bytes

The sample documents have values in numeric for both.

When I add the custom field discover doesn't work :frowning:

When I try to go to discover I get an error

Elastic Search Version 2.3
Kibana Version: 4.1.2-es-2.0
Build 7562

found root cause. Not an issue with Elasticsearch/Kibana itself. Its Amazon Elasticsearch Service. Scripting is disabled :frowning:

Request to Elasticsearch failed: {"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"script_exception","reason":"scripts of type [inline], operation [search] and lang [expression] are disabled"

Ouch :frowning:

We allow it on our hosted ES service -