Issue with training course materials


I'm doing "Sentiment Analysis and Brand Monitoring" course and when I try to see the answers of the lab 4 most of the images are missing as in the following image.

I have sent an email to and there told me to post here.

Can anyone help me? I need the answers to finish it :frowning:

I also have another question, these courses doesn't allow to download course materials, which is helpful when you have not been for a while doing something related to the course topic and your forgot it, can I download it somehow as I was able to do with ES eng etc.. ?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.


Thanks for taking the time to write about your issue. There is 2 solutions to your problem:

1/ Changing the rendering of the html page. lab5_2_2 should be lab4_2_1 to do so, follow those instruction:

This fix should last as long as you don't refresh your browser.

2/ Restart the training with the fix we applied on the lab.

For your second question, we do not provides zip file for on-demand training. Only for our core trainings Eng1/Eng2/Kibana.

I hope it helps, if it doesn't then please, fell free to reach out.

Hello Melvyn,

I was able to finish the course thanks to your workaround.

Thank you.
Best regards

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