Issues after upgrading from 5.6.13 to 5.6.14

I use Elasticsearch for Mediawiki (MW 1.31, CentOS 7.6) and the system autoupgraded Elasticsearch from 5.6.13 to 5.6.14. I upgraded the the plugins to same versions, reindexed, appeared to complete successfully, but the search function does not bring results. When checking the data files I see very small files. I get:

curl localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v

health status index uuid pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size

green open wiki_1_31_0_content_first KOLZXJrpTle_kDQOuS-sYQ 4 0 0 0 648b 648b

green open mw_cirrus_metastore_first KWF6MOHuSQOd-d4QCp9zbg 1 0 3 6 11.2kb 11.2kb

green open wiki_1_31_0_general_first NHAdshY6Sc-wa5s590gPHw 4 0 33 0 13.2kb 13.2kb

It looks like your content index is empty. You might want to manually rebuild it. I'm not sure what happened and it has been a long time since I touched CirrusSearch so I don't think I'd be able to debug it. It does look like you have some general pages in the index. Have you edited about 33 non-content pages since you did the migration? It might be a good idea to rebuild that index just in case as well.

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