Issues regarding the installation of ElasticSearch on a remote server

Good morning everyone.

First thing first: I am a newbie on topics like servers, unix systems and CLIs.

I am working on a Logs monitoring & analysis tool project using the ELK stack.
I need to install elasticsearch on a remote server which has these charateristics:
4 cores, 16 gb ram, Rocky linux 8.7 installed (RHEL based distro).

I connect to the server via SSH (using Putty or the Web Cockpit Console terminal).

The issue is that after the installation process (which always goes fine) I get the error "elasticsearch can't run as a root user".
I have read plenty of discussions about this issue on this forum but there are some doubts I would like to clarify before going on with the 4th attempt of installing Elasticsearch.

The user I am using to install and manage elasticsearch is not a root user (despite having more permissions compared to a common user) but still everytime I install elastic files are under root:root (user and group) which inevitably lead to the error. Changing the user-group pair for every file is too time consuming and a little bit tricky for a newbie like me.

Currently on my server there are more than 1 user, connected to our company.
Could this be a problem ? Should I have 1 user called "elasticsearch" and manage everything from there, or perhaps elasticsearch can be installed by one user and be managed / accessed by different users (who have access and permissions) ?

Another question: Rocky linux is a RHEL based distro but the one we are using is not the latest version available, should I upgrade / update rocky linux to the latest version before installing elasticsearch ?
The current version is the 8.7 which was released less than 1 year ago (so it's not that old).

p.s.: I have followed both the installing tutorial for general unix / mac systems and the RPM based one, no luck so far with neither of them.

Thanks to everyone who will read this and have the patience to answer me.
If more info are needed please let me know.
Have a nice day you all.

Up! I'm sorry to do that, but I need help

How you installed it? How are you starting Elasticsearch? You need to describe what commands are you using.

If you followed the installation documentation for RPM packages you do not need to create any user, the installation process will automatically create the elasticsearch user and you should run elasticsearch as a service, with systemctl start elasticsearch.

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